hi there,

if you don't already know me, i'm lindsey! the (usually *~always~* hidden) face behind just lagom & all that encompasses it (creator, curator, shop manager, website editor, social media creator, packing & shipping clerk, cleaning crew, etc... a one person show if you will). just lagom (pronounced just lah-gom) is based around the scandinavian word 'lagom' meaning 'just right' either in reference to something tangible or as a way of being. if you're still not sure whether or not you're saying it correctly... think of a lager beer... lager... lagem...lagom. yea, there you go!

i was born & raised in noblesville, indiana. at 16 i started my first job working at a local boutique called delaney's shoppe & i've been obsessed with the idea of starting my own boutique ever since. in college i studied pr, advertising & design. upon graduating, i left my sweet little state of indiana for los angeles where i worked in advertising at agencies such as 180la, crispin porter + bogusky and david&goliath. after 4 years i moved to dallas to be a little closer to family, where i continued my advertising career. 2 years later i realized dallas was still really far from loved ones and made the official move home in november of 2021. big city life working for glamorous companies was quite the ride, but it didn't compare to the sense of community & family i have here in noblesville. my grandparents, aunts, uncles, parents, cousins & many hometown friends are all still here in hamilton county. my mother's side of the family (who have been a strong influence in pushing me to pursue my dreams) is swedish, which is where the shop name derives from. if you come to the boutique you can even find little photos of my great great swedish ancestors hidden around the store. but anyways, when a small little space opened up in the heart of downtown noblesville, i knew it was my time to make the leap from my career and take a chance at that little dream that had been nagging at me since 16. 

today has been almost five months since i first opened my brick & mortar, in august 2022. i have struggled with learning curves but i have been showered with blessings & support. just as soon as i got all snuggled into my sweet little space another storefront opened up just around the corner from my current location, with 4x the space and 4x the opportunity! another chance i knew i had to take. so, we're slowly packing up & preparing the move. with the larger space comes some large ideas which i can't wait to announce to you all! follow us along on social media at @justlagomboutique to stay up to date on all my crazy ideas, and to see all my cute friends modeling my clothes for me ;)

thank you for reading & for supporting my small biz! and i hope when you #shopjustlagom next you'll find JUST what you needed <3